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Welcome to your new social media alternative. We’re local. Right here in Lancaster County and Chester County, PA. We’re supported directly by you, and we don’t sell your data. We hope to have created a place that can be what social media could be without the profit motive.  Please use this resource to help us improve, enhance and protect the quality of life for all. This will be whatever we can make it. So far, our community has volunteered their time, knowledge and hard word to craft this very website. Everything you see and interact with was created or put together, tested and monitored by local, trained volunteers. Most of our help comes from kids, adults and everyone in between. We truly encourage everyone to participate and register for their own account. Doing so enables you with the tools needed to communicate directly with our community, from anywhere- in addition to alerting WLRI to late breaking information that may be of public interest. With this resource we can provide more local content without the sales pitch that you’ll find elsewhere. Keep coming back to see what’s going on around our area and to also find out what new features, tools or free resources we’re offering. From all of us at WLRI 93FM and MyWLRI.com, thank you for stopping by today and welcome to the all new MyWLRI.com



Christian McLaughlin

General Manager


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