Welcome to Public Service Announcement Center

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What is a public service announcement, or PSA?  A public service announcement is an announcement of a public service. More specifically, one of a non-commercial and not for profit nature. Examples of PSA’s include: Drive safely, Keep your dog on a leash, Don’t litter, Buckle your safety belt etc.  PSA’s provide a public service to our community. To submit a PSA, please fill out the form below, and click “submit”. Your PSA will be reviewed, and if approved for broadcast will air within the next 7-30 days. Time sensitive materials should be marked “”URGENT”. WLRI reserves the right to refuse or deny any PSA for any reason. All decisions are final. If no contact information is provided, the applicant will not be notified.


You may use the “comments” form below to submit a PSA or send a e-mail, with your PSA to PSAcenter at MyWLRI dot Com.