The Pennsylvania State Police recently partnered with law enforcement agencies from five states to take part in the 6-State Trooper Project, a three-day enforcement campaign focused on stopping the flow of illegal drugs into local communities.
From March 2 through March 4, 2017, Pennsylvania State Police troopers made 122 drug arrests, and eight arrests for weapons violations. A kilogram of cocaine, $14,000 worth of counterfeit goods, and five bundles of heroin were seized in separate traffic stops. Three additional arrests are pending for a drug delivery resulting in death.
“Pennsylvania’s unique geographic location and converging highway system make it a natural conduit for the trafficking of illicit drugs,” said Major Edward Hoke, director of the Bureau of Patrol. “State Police will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to stop illegal activity on our highways and interstates.”
The 6-State Trooper Project is a collaboration between the Pennsylvania State Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Kentucky State Police, Indiana State Police, West Virginia State Police, and Michigan State Police with the goal of enhancing highway safety, criminal patrol, and intelligence sharing.
The next initiative will take place from May 22 to May 29, 2017, with a focus on seatbelt enforcement.