Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Emily Feeney for Institutional Sexual Assault, Corruption of Minors, and related charges. The defendant was the Director of College Counseling and a swim coach at the Malvern Prep School at the time of these offenses. The victim was a student and swimmer at the high school. District Attorney Hogan stated, “As the Director of College Counseling and a coach, the defendant was entrusted with extraordinary access to and control over Malvern Prep students. She betrayed that trust by trying to seduce a student, even when he asked her to stop. The fact that this was a female adult corrupting a male juvenile does not change the criminality of the conduct.” The defendant is 40 years old. She resides at 10 Forest Road, Wayne, Pennsylvania. She worked at the Malvern Prep School as a swim coach and Director of College Counseling. The defendant worked for the Malvern Prep School for approximately two years. The Malvern Prep School is a private, all boys high school located at 418 South Warren Avenue, Malvern, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The defendant previously worked at Princeton University. The defendant was terminated by the Malvern Prep School and the school is cooperating fully with law enforcement. The allegations from the criminal complaint1 are as follows: On May 13, 2015, the Chester County Detective Child Abuse Unit received a Childline child abuse report from the Chester County Department of Children, Youth and Families. The report stated that a male student had been receiving “highly sexualized” text messages and e-mails from the defendant. The victim told investigators that he received inappropriate e-mail and text messages from the defendant, his swim coach and guidance counselor, since approximately 2014. This behavior started when the victim was 16. Investigation revealed that the defendant kissed the victim and that the defendant sent photographs of herself in various stages of undress via e-mail to the victim, including a topless photo. The defendant sent emails to the victim stating “I adore you – always have, always will.” When the victim rebuffed the defendant, she continued to pursue him, stating via e-mail “You can either start talking to me again and respond to me, or we can discuss in my office Monday. If you ever cared about me, please don’t shut me out. It’s too painful.” The victim repeatedly told the defendant to stop. In one message, the victim stated, “I’m not interested in you end of story I’m 16 I’m not into you.” Undeterred, the defendant told the victim that she could use her connections to get him admitted to Harvard University. The defendant forwarded a message she received from Harvard University regarding the victim being a candidate for the swim team, stating “you [victim] owe me big time. And no high fives.” The defendant was using her position as Director of College Counseling and the promise of admission to an elite college as a means to coerce the juvenile into a physical relationship. At one point, the defendant texted the victim, “if you’d… just stop fighting and let it happen, you’d be a lot less uptight and much happier.” Chester County Detectives executed a search warrant on the defendant’s computer and discovered hundreds of e-mails between the defendant and the victim, many of which are non-professional and sexually suggestive. The defendant sent the e-mails to the victim’s personal e-mail account and used her official school designated Malvern Prep e-mail account. 1 A criminal defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. The defendant is charged with Institutional Sexual Assault, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Corruption of Minors, and Indecent Assault. District Attorney Hogan added, “As schools prepare for the start of classes, this serves as an important reminder that certain safeguards should be in place to protect students. Schools should have policies to limit communication between teachers, coaches, and students to official school matters on school accounts that can be monitored. There should be no contact between teachers/coaches and students on private e-mail accounts or social media. We have repeatedly seen cases where inappropriate communication between teachers/coaches and students have evolved into sexual assaults.” This case was investigated by the Chester County District Attorney’s Child Abuse Unit and the Malvern Police Department, and will be prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Megan King. Anyone with further information should contact Chester County Detective Jerry Davis at 610-344-6866.